Title: Introduction
Item History:

Catalogue No. 1959-01 represents the first Bonneauville item of historic value that I recall collecting. The year was 1959. I was eleven years old and had an interest in history. By then both of my grandfathers seemed to have lovingly but sternly taken me under their wings. I eventually realized that what seemed like constant reminiscing about their past was their way of passing important facts from one generation to another.

Perhaps there was a bit of fear linked to their motivation. Technology was moving so fast for the men. Their lives spanned from the first decade of the automobile and the flying machine, to breaking the sound barrier and putting a man on the moon. Medical miracles and World Wars transpired in their lifetimes.

What if society regressed? My grandfathers had lived through the Great Depression. They were both quite aware that society could degenerate to a point where there was not even enough food for everyone to purchase - or at minimum, not enough cash to make food purchases.

What if something happened and society had to go back a step? They seemed to think that I was the one who should learn. Who would know how to cut weeds with a scythe and sickle, if there was no gas for the lawnmower or tractor? Who would remember how to grow their own meat and vegetables, split shingles, cut fire wood for warmth, or re-sole a pair of shoes? "Do you know what this (obsolete, antique) tool is for boy? Let me show you how to use it." "Do you know who used to live in that house?" "We'll go deer hunting. Here's how we used to gut a rabbit or skin a muskrat and preserve the furs." The information poured from them year after year - and I loved it. As a consequence, I tended to collect anything related to the past. It is here that I share my Bonneauville Collection.

In this accumulation of Bonneauville related memorabilia, each item is listed chronologically and assigned a number in order of date purchased. Naturally the contents of this collection lean disproportionately towards the author and his family since those are the historic items that are most accessible.

This file format is based on Recollector, a collection management system designed primarily so that collectors (of whatever interest), are able to logically catalog and track their items.

Since the future of this collection is about as uncertain as Heisenberg's Theory (of uncertainty), no donations are accepted. I will however, be happy to purchase items related to the history of the town, its business, individuals, etc.

Apologies are in order for poor photograph quality. All items are available for inspection and re-photographing by appointment.

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