Acquisition No.: 2000-01
Title: Postcard; Real Photo type; St. Joseph School Students, "About Oct. 15th, 1936."
Item History:

This postcard and the list of student names it depicts (written on the reverse) is complements of the late Richard Groft, Maple St., Bonneauville, PA. The photo was taken in front of St. Joseph's School, East Hanover St., Bonneauville, PA.

Names below are spelled according to Mr. Groft's spellings.(Questionable spellings include Straughsbaugh, Altland, and Claybaugh.)

First Row, left to right:

David Raffensberger, Gordon Breightner, Edward Autland, Norman Weaver, Robert Staub, James Orndorff, John Clabaugh, Allen Heldabridle, Robert Strawsbaugh, John Legore, Clawrence Kuhn, Bernard Ginter, Roger Weaver, Harold Sterner, Joseph Clabaugh, Donald Gebhart, Leroy Clouser.

Second Row, left to right:

Irene Gebhart, Viola Weishaar, Joan Legore, Doris Berger, Madiline Rafensberger, Doloris Staub, Betty Gebhart, Angela Myers, Vonnie Breightner, Doris Long, Charlotte Long, Mary Ann Orndorff, Jean Miller, Nelson Weaver.

Third Row, left to right:

Theresa Smith, William Burger, Melvin Heldibridle, Richard Groft, Joseph Orndorff, Louise Myers, Helen Stall, Virginia Sterner, Anna Gebhart, Alice Berger, Shirley Smith, Bernard Kuhn, Paul Stall, John Orndorff, Cletus Clouser, Charles Ginter, Norman Staub.


Mrs. Amelia Purdy.

Location: Collection Book !
Acq. Date: 2000
Acquired from: Richard Groft
Price ($): gifted
Type: collection
Curator: ckrc