Acquisition No.: 2001-02
Title: Photograph Copy; Bonneauville War Veterans, WWII.
Item History:

This photograph was taken in front of St. Joseph's Church in Bonneauville, PA about 1945. The photo includes most of the men and women of the town who served in WWII. Theron Little died during combat. Joseph Weaver died overseas as a result of an accident.

12" x 15" framed photographic copy.

Name Index: Bonneauville War Veterans Photograph Identification can be found on reverse of photo and below:

1. John Weaver (Lardy Weaver)

2. Eugene Weishaar

3. John Eck

4. Clement Hawn

5. Leo Ginter

6. Joseph Clabaugh

7. Rodney Sneeringer

8. John Orndorff

9. -unknown-

10. Robert Clabaugh

11. Guy Ginter (Bait Ginter)

12. Steven Sanders

13. John Legore

14. Charles Staub (Charlie Staub)

15. Vincent Orndorff (Bin Orndorff)

16. Anna Margartet Sneeringer

17. Albert Chrismer (Albee Chrismer)

18. Ann Topper

19. Sylvester Seymore (Wess Seymore)

20. Paul Myers

21. Bernard Walters (Bun Walters)

22. Francis Weaver (Greasy Weaver)

23. Leroy Shanebrook

24. Richard Weaver

25. Jack Stahl

26. Gerald Hawn (Bones Hawn)

27. Bernard Chrismer (Cockey Chrismer)

28. Louis Myers (Hopper Myers)

29. Richard Golden (Dick Golden)

30. Paul Eck (Hap Eck)

31. Charles Shanebrook (Popeye Shanebrook)

32. Richard Neiderer

33. -unknown-

34. Robert Storm

35. Norman Little

36. Raymond Smith (Button Smith)

37. Francis Topper

38. Francis L. Shanebrook

39. Francis Clabaugh

40. Norman Smith

41. Edward Smith

42. Raymond Weishaar (Ray Weishaar)

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Location: Collection Book I
Acq. Date: 2001
Acquired from: Gerald Pfaff
Price ($): gifted
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc