Acquisition No.: 2002-23
Title: Business Cards; Collection of 35 Bonneauville Cards and Tickets.
Item History:

Framed business card and ticket stub collection. Bonneauville businesses and individuals:

Presto Fire Extinguishers; Austin Neiderer

Auto Repair Clinic; Kevin and Debbie Wartluft

Signs; Lewis Fransisco

Ken's Electrical Service

Mapletree Craft House; Mary Lou and Glen Showvaker

Eugene S. Long; District Justice

Clabaugh Bros. Masonry

Penn Performance Inc.

Roberto's Pizza

Auto Repair Clinic; Kevin and Debbie Wartluft

Bec's Hairstyling Salon; Rebecca I. Weaver

Karl B. Orndorff; Westinghouse Elevator Co.

Irene B. Kuhn; Republican Candidate, Tax Collector

Raymond Orndorff, Wood Products Made to Order

Rodney C. Noel; Doll Houses, Small Crafts

Mixed Media Artist; Vickie Curtis

Staub Brothers Used Auto Parts

Apples and Peaches at Bonneauville Farm

Connie and Ray's Ceramics

Karl Orndorff, Blacksmith

Weaver's Grocery; Bonneauville, PA.

Clinical Hypnosis; Roy Lehto.

M & T Bank; Sharon Topper

Mr. James Smith; St. Joseph's Church

Sherry McMaster; Graphic Designer

Roberto's Pizza and Italian Restaurant

CWV Home Association; Sylvester Seymore

Florellos Pizza Express, Bonneauville

Bonneauville Fire Co. - Dinner

Weaver's Upholstery; 23 E. Hanover St.

Francis X. Robinson; Prudential Insurance

Geppettos Workshop; Joyce Funk, Woodcarver

Bonneauville Fire Co. - Carnival Ticket

400 Club Ticket; St. Joseph's Church

Bonneauville Fire Co. - Equipment Fund

Location: Wall
Acq. Date: 1970-2002
Acquired from: various individuals
Price ($): -
Type: collection
Curator: ckrc