Acquisition No.: 2002-30
Title: Book; "Four Felix Brothers," 2001.
Item History:

The "Four Felix Brothers," was co-written by Marion C. Bale and Diane M. Krumrine . This work is primarily a genealogy of the four Felix brothers; Nicholas, Stephen, John and Martin. They landed in America in 1754 and 1768. The book is richly embellished with Photographs and family histories. 844 pages.

Names in this book with some relation to Bonneauville:

"Gladys Marie Smith married Dale Raymond Felix p. 567 No. 617 - Catherine married Clement McMaster. Dale R. Felix...James F. Felix...Linda J. Felix...Ronald M. Felix...Diane L. Felix... David J. Felix."

"Helen Teresa Smith married Norman Little p. 547 No. 618 - Judith A. Little...Deborah L. Little."

"Doris A. Smith married John F. Busbey p. 348 No. 620 - Allen Busbey...Karen Busbey...Robin Busbey."

"Ronald George Klunk married Janice Walter." p. 433 No. 1072. - She was the daughter of Bernard and Rita Sneeringer Walter. - Julia A. Klunk...Jennifer A. Klunk...Paul K. Lawrence marreid Jennifer Gebhart p. 467 No. 1285. ...Abigail Marie."

"Gerald L. Pfaff Jr. married Irene Gebhart p. 673 No. 373. - Gerald Pfaff III...Brenda C. Pfaff...Lawrence J. Pfaff... Cathy R. Pfaff...Susan M. Pfaff...David Pfaff...John E. Pfaff."

"Francis M. Felix married Caroline Keffer Felix p. 594 No. 58 - He died in Bonneauville in 1877."

"Children of Jean (Wolf) and Thomas Duttera: Wanda Jean Duttera married Edwin Charles Orndorff (of Bonneauville.)" p. 342 No.592.

"Eleonora Adams Staub and Jerome Staub; p.621, No. 263. - Joseph Staub, Bonneauville. (carpenter, died 1962, p.649 no. 263)"

"Joseph Smith was located (1858 Map) on the 2400 Block of Hanover Road at Bonneauville" p. 164. 165.

"George Hemler fell dead at Mr. Heltzel house in Bonneauville" - 1902. P. 165, No. 35., Par III.

"John Lawrence's Will dated Dec. 25, 1869 - to be buried in Bonaughtown" (Bonneauville) P. 166 Par. IV. "(John Lawrence is not listed in St. Joseph's Bonneauville Cemetery records." P. 166, Par. V.

"Henry Klunk and his wife lived between Hanover and Abbottstown. Henry's wife was a Lawrence from Bonneauville." (Quoted from John T. Reily .)P.193

"Adam Smith married Ida Foose 1879 in Bonneauville." P. 194.

"George Vincent Smith married Violet Topper at Bonneauville, (She died 1950). He married again; (Mary A. Weaver) at Bonneauville." P. 279, No. 322.

Location: Case VII
Acq. Date: 2002
Acquired from: John T. Reily Historical Society, McSherrystown, PA
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Type: accession
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