Acquisition No.: 2003-16
Title: Book; "Bonneauville History and Lore" 1st Ed., Karl Orndorff, 2003.
Item History:

This is the first edition of the history of Bonneauville, Adams County, Pennsylvania from its settlement in the mid 18th Century to the end of the 20th Century. The voluminous work includes chapters on the early Native American inhabitants, Low Dutch settlers, 19th Century German occupants, schools, religions, environment and geological issues. Military contributions through out 250 years of the towns existance are listed.

Authors Proof Copy prior to final correction. 558 pages, paperback. Juju Publications.

2nd Edition available at Amazon.com.

Location: Case V
Acq. Date: 2003
Acquired from: Karl Orndorff
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc