Acquisition No.: 2004-15B
Title: Book; "Elements of Modern Field Artillery, US Service," 1917.
Item History:

This book accompanies map 2004-15A. During WWI the United States National Guard used Bonneauville as a base of operations for artillery war practice. Page 128 describes the scenario. Baltimore and Carlisle were considered opposing enemy bases. Field ammunition trains parked at Bonneauville and the farms around the town. Battle lines are drawn from White Hall to Square Corner east of Bonneauville. A general was stationed at St. Luke's Church. Combat trains went into action. Battalion orders were played out. The last 16 pages of the book describe the faux fighting in and east of Bonneauville.

The Bonneauville area was opportune for this practice since the officers were able to study Gettysburg Civil War artillery actions while in the area.

Possibly, this practice took place in the Bonneauville area for several years since the book is dated 1914 and 1917 and the accompanying map is dated 1928-1929.

Location: Case III
Acq. Date: 2004
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