Acquisition No.: 2005-01

Binder; "Robert Bell Bradley, Philosopher-Poet and POW."

Item History:

Mr. Robert Bradley (1921-2009) is known as "The Poet of World War Two."

Mr. Bradley lived with his family on the Hunterstown Road near Bonneauville. During WWII he served as an Aid Man (medic). Whenever he had any military off-time he loved writing poetry. It was his "favorite pastime." During the course of combat Mr. Bradley was captured by German troops. As a POW he "scrounged bits of paper and cardboard and pencil nubs," so that he could continue his passion while being held captive.

Sometime after America and her allies invaded Germany and it became obvious to the Germans that they were going to loose the war, the guards at Stalag III C, simply walked off their posts and left the POW camp unguarded. "It took quite a while before us ragged lot of prisoners were able to return to American camps without being misidentified as enemy, and slaughtered. We had no American flag with which to identify ourselves."

After the war Mr. Bradley continued to write poetry until his death. He won awards for his writings in several countries around the world.

This binder contains newspaper clippings on the subject of his poetry. It also includes a thirty-six line poem titled "Bonneauville," along with correspondence related to the verse.

Location: Case IX
Acq. Date: 2005
Acquired from: Robert Bell Bradley
Price ($): 100.00
Type: collection
Curator: ckrc