Acquisition No.: 2005-03
Title: Program; 1940, Presented by the Bonneauville Fire Co.
Item History:

Performance: Presented by the Bonneauville Fire Co. at St Joseph's School Hall, Bonneauville, PA. "Eyes of Love." Actors: Mary Miller, Mildred Clabaugh, Anna Topper, Richard Smith, Mary Weaver, Rita Sneeringer, Eugene Weishaar, Rodney Sneeringer, Clement Hawn, and Stephen Sanders. 9 pages.

Directed by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Smith.

Contains 47 advertising sponsors including the following from Bonneauville:

The Gray Goose Inn

Elmer Autland [sic] (Atland)- coal and wood

Leo A. Storm - Yorktowne Service Store

L. B. Frommeyer - feed, coal, fertilizer

Geo H. Long - plasterer

Hartlaub Farms - chickens

Chrismer's Garage

George E. Gebhart - used cars

Austin G. Neiderer - radios, record changers, refridgerators, air conditioners, tires

Weaver's Store

Staub's garage

Location: Collection Book I
Acq. Date: 2005
Acquired from: Ann Zorbach.
Price ($): gifted
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc