Acquisition No.: 2006-22
Title: Paper Collection; Monroe Noble, Bonneauville, PA.
Item History:

Monroe Noble was the Chief of Police in Bonneauville for most of the 1970's. The Assistant Chief was Clarence Kuhn. Both gentlemen handed in their resignations on January 3, 1979 with the following letter:

"Mayor and Council, Bonneauville, PA. Due to the lack of interest of the Mayor and Council pertaining to the Bonneauville Police Department, we feel that we can no longer perform our police duties properly and still be a credit to the community. We have both given this matter careful consideration and feel it will be better for all concerned that we tender our resignations to be effective January 17, 1979."

This collection contains the nine books and booklets that are listed below, plus various forms, letters, citations and stationary pertaining to the work of Police Chief Monroe Noble and Assistant Chief Clarence Kuhn.

A. Book; "The Borough Code," 245 pages, 1966.

B. Book; "The Vehicle Code," 1969.

C. Booklet; "Standards for Civil Preparedness" 1972.

D. Catalogue; SaSo Co.; police equipment, 1974.

E. Catalogue; Darley and Co., Police supplies, 1974.

F. Booklet; "FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin," 1976.

G. Booklet; "The Law Officer's Pocket manual," 1976.

H. Book; "Vehicle Code regulations," 1978.

I. Book; "Digest of Motor Laws'" 1979.

J. Binder; "Borough Police Dept. Ordinance Book"

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Location: Case VI
Acq. Date: 2006
Acquired from: Monroe Noble
Price ($): gifted
Type: collection
Curator: ckrc