Acquisition No.: 2007-20
Title: Map; Pennsylvania, 1770 - Copy.
Item History:

"A Map of Pennsylvania exhibiting not only the Improved Parts of the Provence but also its Extensive Frontiers. Laid down from actual surveys and chiefly from the late map of W. Scull, published in 1770; and humbly inscribed to the Honorable Thomas Penn and Richard Penn, Esquires. True and absolute properties and Governors of the Province of Pennsylvania, and the territories thereunto belonging. English miles; 69 ½ to a degree."

Blue arrow indicates the approximate location of the town of Bonneauville in Mount Pleasant Township.

Reprinted on 30" x 52" sheet.

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Location: Case VIII
Acq. Date: 12/1/07
Acquired from: Ebay
Price ($): 15.00
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc