Acquisition No.: 2009-03
Title: Display Box; Promotional Gifts-Bonneauville Businesses.
Item History:

A. Pencil: "Hartlaubs New and Used Furniture-Bonneauville." (Locust St.)

B. Pencil: "Richard's Pet-O-Rama." (W. Hanover St.)

C. Pencil: "Kleinfelter's Cabinet Shop." (Two Taverns Road.)

D. Pen: "Auto Repair Clinic." (Locust St.)

E. Pen: "St. Joseph's Church." (E. Hanover St.)

F. Pen: "PNC Bank." (W. Hanover St.)

G. Pen: "Kenworthy Funeral Home." (E. Hanover St.)

H. Pen: "Austin G. Neiderer." (E. Hanover St.)

I. Pen: "St. Joseph the Worker Church." (E. Hanover St.)

J. Pen: "St. Joseph the Worker Church." (E. Hanover St.)

K. Pen: "St. Joseph the Worker Church. 150th Anniversary." (E. Hanover St.)

L. Pen: "Pine Knob Iron Works." (Locust St.)

M. Opener: "Bonneauville Inn." (Locust St.)

N. Key Fob: "40th Anniversary, CWV Post 1342." (Hickory Ave.)

O. Key Fob: "Auto Repair Clinic." (Locust St.)

Location: Case V
Acquired from: Various estate and yard sales.
Price ($): -
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc