Acquisition No.: 2013-23
Title: Day Book; CCR/CR
Item History:

Day book for the transactions of C. C. Reaver, RD#4, Gettysburg, PA. 1910-1914. Primary transactions: general painting, sign painting, lettering and wood cutting. Also includes Legore family history.

Names include: Legore, Rudisill, Fourey, Reaver, Weikert, Pettit, Rever, Ortman, Bick, Althoff, Beard, Baker, Currens, Fisel, Gilbert, Hartman, Knox, Letz, Miller, Mathews, Neuman, Ross, Reading, Snyder, Storm, Meguire, Myrtz, Shultz, et al.

Back page: 1931 Reaver family history 1911-Pauleene, 1913-Ezra, 1914-Kermitt (a twin) died 1917. !914-Edna, 1917-Beulah, 1920-Chester, 1922-William, 1925-Joseph, and 1927-Charles.

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Location: Case IX
Acq. Date: 12/13
Acquired from: Robert Signor
Price ($): 15.00
Type: collection
Curator: ckrc