Acquisition No.: 2013-66
Title: Pamphlet; "Entertainment by the Pupils of St. Joseph's School," 1906.
Item History:

"Entertainment by the Pupils of St. Joseph's School, held in the school hall, Saturday evening, January 6, 1906." 4 pages. Rev. P. J. Costigan presiding.

Title; "Nells Surprise Party."

Performers: George Staub, A. Sneeringer, A. Goulden, John Frommeyer, Corinne Little, Avilus Hawn, Helen Orendorff, Bernadine Chrismer, Emma Myers, Emma Staub.

Other performances by: M. Frommeyer, A. Sneeringer, A. Golden, C. Little, E. Weaver, B. Redding, L. Redding, E. Myers, M. Myers, Margaret Myers, Mary Myers, and K. Frommeyer.

Presented in a framed display box.

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Acq. Date: 2013
Acquired from: Robert Signor
Price ($): 7.00
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc