Acquisition No.: 2014-08A
Title: Advertising Print; John H. Weaver.
Item History:

John H. Weaver's ownership of Weaver's Hardware Store at 1 East Hanover Street in Bonneauville spanned a large part of the mid 20th Century. This advertising print of the Blessed Virgin Mary was found in a green wooden frame of 13 ½" x 18 ½". The glass was broken. Upon removal of the glass for replacement, an L. B. Frommeyer advertisement was found underneath the Weaver print. (See Cat. No. 2014-08B)

Text on the Weaver advertisement reads; "John H. Weaver, General Merchandise and Feed, Phone Gettysburg 968-R-3, Bonneauville, PA."

Mr. Weaver's competitor in the animal feed business was Mr. L. B. Frommeyer who operated a feed store about one block east on Hanover Street. It appeared that the easiest way to eliminate the competition was to simply place one framed advertisement over the other. Of course the Kuhns could have favored one print over the other and made the change.

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Location: Wall
Acq. Date: 5/22/14
Acquired from: Mary Esther Kuhn
Type: collection
Curator: ckrc