Acquisition No.: 2014-08Q
Title: Portrait Photographs; Kuhn family.
Item History:

Package of ten randomly selected photos representing five generations of the Kuhn/Eck family. An attic storage find. See Cat. No. 2001-14 and 2001-09 for more information on the priest.

1935 - St. Joseph's school students pose in front of St. Joseph's Church in Bonneauville. The beloved Father O'hanrahan Stands at rear, center. Rev. O'hanrahan tragically lost his life in an automobile accident not long after this photograph was taken.

Note the happy hunters. Three men display a string of eleven squirrels they had recently bagged. The man in the business suit at center seems a bit out of place but satisfied none-the-less.

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Acq. Date: 5/22/14
Acquired from: Mary Esther Kuhn
Type: collection
Curator: ckrc