Acquisition No.: 1990-05
Title: Oil Lamp; Bonneauville Hotel.
Item History:

In 1990, this kerosene oil lamp was purchased by Karl and Julie Orndorff at a yard sale on Maple Street in Bonneauville. Once one of two early hotels in the town, the old Bonneauville Hotel ("The Star Hotel") building has been standing for nearly two centuries. The structure was constructed of logs and now sports several layers of siding. Raymond Strausbaugh was the last proprietor of the hotel before it became the private home of he, his wife, and their sixteen children.

The building was later the home of Patrick J. and Sylvia Strausbaugh Eckenrode. Mrs. Eckenrode is the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Strausbaugh. Patrick J. Eckenrode remodeled some of the interior of the building in the late 1980's. At a yard sale he and family members liquidated many items including this lantern which was sold as; "came from the old hotel." The building is now two appartments - 2 and 4 Maple Street, Bonneauville, PA.

The amber brown coloring in the bottom half of the oil reservoir is staining from oil deposits rather than color added to the glass.

Location: Case XI
Acq. Date: 1990
Acquired from: Patrick J. Eckenrode
Price ($): 10.00
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc