Acquisition No.: 2017-11
Title: Cigar Box; "Newcomer Perfecto Specials."
Item History:

"Newcomer Perfecto Specials," cardboard cigar box. "Extra quality, 5 cents, Yours Truly, D.__ Newcomer, 5 cents." The Newcomer Brand name was used by Golden's Cigar Co. of Bonneauville for a time. Internet patent office research seems to indicate that the Goldens successfully registered the Newcomer name. However, Mr. Newcomer sued and won his case against the Goldens. The Goldens then ceased use of the brand name.

Below Mr. Newcomer's scripted name, in fine print, are the words: "Title and design Owned by A. J. Golden, Baltimore, Maryland." (A. J. Golden formerly of Bonneauville, PA.)

Newcomer cigar box; Cat. No. 2003-09 appears virtually identical to this one. However the dimensions are about 1/4" larger in length and width. The depth being equal. The significant difference is the fine print on the 2003-09 box. The text states: "Trade mark registred in the U. S. Patent Office No.536686.

"Fact. 62, 1st Pa Dist. 50 cigars."

This box is rather fractured and oil stained from spending decades of its life as a parts storage box in a home workshop.

See Acq. No. 1990-01 for a historic overview of Golden's Cigar Manufactory in Bonneauville, PA.

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