Acquisition No.: 2018-01
Title: Magazine; "Good Ol Times".
Item History:

“Good Ol Times” was weekly newspaper column edited by Tom Ford of The Gettysburg Times Newspaper, Gettysburg, PA. The content consisted mostly of memories of local towns, businesses, people and events as recalled by local folks. The Gettysburg Times also printed groupings of the column in magazine form. This magazine, Vol. 3, is the only of the entire span of the article that mentions Bonneauville. In the article this author discusses with Mr. Ford, the famed Golden Cigar manufactories of Bonneauville, PA.

Vol. 3 includes “Week 27: January 28, 2005 – Week 39: April 22, 2005.”

Note: See numerous items in this catalogue related to Goldens Cigar history.

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