Acquisition No.: 2018-14-13
Title: Binder; Bonneauville Specific Items. Simon/Anna Kuhn Collection.
Item History:

2018-14-13a: Letter; H. J. Sneeringer, Justice of the Peace, Bonneauville, Pa. January 3rd, 1911 – To Miss Mary Bievenour, Hanover, Pa. Re: Family farm deed issues.

2018-14-13b: Mass card for Mrs. Annie Kuhn, St. Joseph’s Church, Bonneauville, Pa. Signed by Rev. Krichten.

2018-14-13c: Religious card; “Remembrance of the Holy Mission, Conducted by the Precious Blood Fathers Rev. Joseph S. Raible. C. P. P. S. At St. Joseph’s Church, Bonneauville, Pa., November 28th, 1943.” “Save Your Soul…”

2018-14-13d: Mission booklet; “Sunday, Nov. 28th, 1943, The Precious Blood Father Rev. Joseph S. Raible. C. P. P. S. Will open a One Week Mission in St. Joseph’s Church, Bonneauville, Pa."

2018-14-13e: Receipt; “George Kuhn, Bonneauville, RD5. Dated Dec. 2, 1945.

2018-14-13f: Receipt for 4100# Nut Coal. Geo. Kuhn, Bonneauville, Pa.

2018-14-13g: Personal letter to Miss Mary Bevenour. Postmarked Gettysburg, Bonneauville Rural Station, Feb. 7, p.m., 1911”.

2018-14-13h: WWII letter from Simon A. Sanders to Simon Kuhn, dated July 1, 1944. In this well-natured letter sent by Pvt. Sanders from overseas, he reminisces about the cold beer at the Grey Goose Inn in Bonneauville, and hints at his preference for whether he would like to be in Italy or Bonneauville during wartime.

2018-14-13i: “In Loving Memory” mass card. From Annie Kuhn, to; “School Children, Sisters of Saint Joseph.” Signed by Rev. Leo Krichten

2018-14-13j: A July 14, 1914 page from an old “Farm Bell Fertilizer” calendar notes that on July 11th : “Jacob Murren kicked by a horse.” On July 12th he was “operated on”. On the 14 Mr. Murren “died”, and on July 18th his “funeral” was held.

2018-14-13k: Pocket size advertising note book from Hanover Bone Fertilizer Co., Ltd. Penned at the top of the first page is: Casper Myers (once of Maple St. Bonneauville, PA.)

The notebook was published in 1897 by Record Publishing Co. of Hanover, PA. At the back of the book is listed, the names of farmers who use Hanover Bone Fertilizer Co. products. Their patrons from surrounding towns are listed. In 1897 farmers in and around Bonneauville included:

L. C. Myers (Agent)

John Kuhn

Conrad Wagoner

J. T. Myers

James A. Biehl

Lucian Heltzel

John Chrismer

Joseph Smith

Daniel Resh

John Patterson

Agustus Little

Horace Heltzel

Michael Wagerman

Peter K. Smith

Nicholas Huffnagle

Pius Smith

Jacob Wolford

Mary Dangherty

Frank Miller

Jerome Noel

John Carl

Nicholas Gephart

Elizabeth Gilbert

Hezekiah Hagerman

Frank Sheeley

W. H. Sheeley

Frank Noel

Joe Gephart

I.A. Noel

Laura Groft

Charley Orndorff

Vincent Orndorff

Christian Gebhart

Edw. Keiser

Wm. Noel

Peter Berger

Joseph Brickrode

Dr. A. Noel

Eli Wolford

Wm. H. Fink

Sylvester Rickrode, and

John Frommeyer

Note: The spellings of a few of the above names are not consistent with Bonneauville documents and maps of the time period in which this book was printed.

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