Acquisition No.: 2018-14-5
Title: Large Binder; Simon/Anna Kuhn Family Ephemera.
Item History:

This binder (2018-14-5) contains an abundance of 19th and 20th Century Personal communications, business letters and financial documents from The Simon/Anna Kuhn Collection. Like Cat. No. 2018-13-4, this collection spans well over a century of Simon/Anna Kuhn family history.

Included are numerous communications regarding Simon Kuhn and the time that he spent in Adams County Prison for defying Mt. Pleasant Township Junkyard and Refuse Ordnance. Mr. Kuhn could not see his collections of antiques, which he sold in a large woodlot near Bonneauville, PA, as junk and refuse. Thus Simon did not feel that he should paying a yearly license fee for said ordnance. A junkyard license in this collection, dated 1970-71, indicates that just or unjust, the cost and insult of a junk license was better than more prison time. A 2018 interview with Anna Kuhn, Simon’s daughter, confirms this.

The 58 protective sleeves in this binder contain over one-hundred documents. The earliest are dated mid-19th Century.

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