Acquisition No.: 2018-17-4
Title: Traffic Sign; "Slow, School, 20"
Item History:

When it was announced in late 2018 that the old St. Jos. School in Bonneauville would be demolished, I Karl Orndorff, for the last time, made a thorough search of the 1873 building, hoping to discover historic items. In the tight, dungeonous spaces of the partial basement, beyond the old rusted boiler, tucked in damp overhead spaces near the boys bathroom, were a few paper items of interest, (electric and boiler maintenance records and a bit of porn,) and an old traffic speed limit sign.

Whether St. Josephs was a slow school or not was debatable. The bent-up sign appears as though at one time it had tangled with some not too slow traffic. In the 1950's and 1960's there had been numerous pedestrian accidents and three deaths, all involving children struck by automobiles. This sign would have cautioned drivers as to the large child population of the area.

Color: yellow and black.

Size; 18" X 36".

Photograph: Image