Acquisition No.: 2019-06
Title: Folk Art; Steam Engine Tractor.
Item History:

This nicely detailed folk art hand-made Steam Tractor was fabricated by the late Joseph Leo Walter of 12 Pin oak Drive, Bonneauville, PA. The black, red and green Case Tractor was cleverly built from whatever materials Mr. Walter had at hand. But for a few chains, lantern lenses and the canopy cover, the entire project was made from scraps of wood. Unlike the imagination influenced design of the previous Cat. No., this Case tractor was built with attention to detail. Scale and proportion are reasonably accurate.

The model-building craft was Mr. Walter's lifelong hobby. Other surviving pieces of his handiwork remain with his descendants. Many were previously distributed as he deemed fit. Apparently Mr. Walter never signed his work. It is from family recollections that these pieces were identified.

See Cat. No's. 1979-01 and 1979-02 for the craftsmanship of another Bonneauville resident of Mr. Walter's era and talent.

Joseph was the father of Paul J. Walter of 15 Pin Oak Drive. Several of Joseph's hand-crafted pieces were offered for sale at Paul's 1/5/19 estate auction.

Length: 12", Height: 8"

Photograph: Image