Acquisition No.: 2019-08
Title: Copy; 1898 Tobacco Trade Directory-Bonneauville.
Item History:

This item consists of two copied pages. The cover page reads: “Directory and reference Book of The Tobacco Trade. Published by Authority of Internal Revenue Bureau. Completed and Published by the T. H. Delano Publishing Co., Proprietors of Tobacco, 102 Chambers Street, New York, Copyrighted 1898.”

Page 264 - containing two Bonneauville cigar manufacturers for the year 1898, reads in part: “Manufacturers of Cigars, Pennsylvania, 9th District., Bonneauville: Frank J. Hann (Hahn ?) – 3513" (factory No.) and "John Wagaman - 2509" (factory No.)

The discovery of these pages brings the count for the total known cigar manufacturers in Bonneauville, in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, to seven. The proprietors and their factory numbers are as follows:

Frank J. Hann – 3513 (1898 directory)

John Wagaman – 2509 (1898 directory)

A.J. Golden – 2464 (1915 directory)

Emory Golden – 2230 (1915 directory)

F.H. Smith – 2161 (1915 directory)

A.L. Wagaman – 42 (1915 directory)

I. V. Noel. In his 1923 official records book (day book), at the top of the page, Bonneauville store owner I. V. Noel entered the notation “Started making cigars”. The date was Feb. 5, 1923.

See Cat. No. 2017-02 for 1915 directory.

See Cat. No. 2913-25 for Noel’s day book.

Note: There are nearly fifty Catalogued items in the Bonneauville Museum collection relating to the manufacture of cigars in the town. The industry, (most specifically the Golden brothers businesses) was the largest that the town of Bonneauville had ever seen.

Note: "The Department of Labor and Industry Second Industriel Directory of Pennsyavania" (1916) indicates one cigar manufacturer in Bonneauville. E. L. Golden listed three employees at the time, one male and two females.

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