Acquisition No.: 2019-11
Title: Book; "Conewago. A Collection of Local History"
Item History:

This history was penned by onetime Bonneauville resident John T. Reily. It was for Mr. Reily that the John T. Reily Historic Society of McSherrystown, PA was named. The publish date of the book is 1885. It represents one of his earliest of his many volumes. Note that most of the photos in the book were individually developed, trimmed, and glued to their respective pages. Time and use have nearly erased the goldleaf title from the cover and spine of the book.

The book well documents the Conewago Chapel and the surrounding towns that it served; towns whose Cathiolic citizenry attended Services at Conewago Chapel before churches were built in each of those villes. Pages 102 - 104 describe the earliest history of St. Joseph's Church in Bonneauville. Reily recalls that as a Catholic Alter Boy he "served mass in Bonneauville, Paradise, and Conewago."

See CAt. No. 2012-40 and the book; "Bonneauville History and Lore" for additional Reily history.

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