Acquisition No.: 2019-27
Title: Book; " The Cavalry at Gettysburg"
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On page 182, paragraph one of the book; "The Cavalry at Gettysburg" author Edward G. Longacre made reference the Bonaughtown Road (Then, sometimes called the Hanover Road.) Per Longacre's writing; upon arriving in Gettysburg General Buford quickly surveyed the town. Buford likened the roads entering the town to the face on a clock with twelve noon oriented north. The Harrisburg Road lie at one o'clock, the York Road at two o'clock, and the Bonaughtown Road at "between three and four o'clock."

Longacre, Edward G.; "The Cavalry at Gettysburg" 1986, Cranbury, NJ, Associated University Press. P. 182.

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