Acquisition No.: 2020-03
Title: Map; " Rand, McNally & Co's ..."
Item History:

The full title of this book is; " Rand, McNally & Co's. Indexed County and Railroad Pocket Map and Shippers Guide of Pennsylvania". The publishing date is 1909.

Like most road maps of the early 20th Century, Bonneauville is not located on the fold-out state map. However, Page 23 of the attached booklet lists Bonneauville as being of “Adams County," and "R. D. from Gettysburg.” The town's population in 1909 was listed as 139.

Folded at the end of the 174 pages of data in this small 4 1/2" x 6" booklet, is a PA State map which unfolds to 28" x 40".

See Cat. No. 2003-05 for a similar booklet map. (About 1920).

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