Acquisition No.: 2020-19
Title: Program; "South Western VS Delone", 1968
Item History:

Emblazoned on the cover of this program is; "South Western VS Delone" "Official Program, 20 cents" Black ink on a black background at the bottom notes "October 1, 1968, 8:00 p.m."

Bonneauville students who played for the Delone Squires are found among a list of players on the centerfold page. They include in alphabetical order: Dennis Clabaugh, Thomas Clabaugh, Ronald Noble, Richard Shannebrook, Barton Orndorff, John Hawbaker, Stephen Weishaar, Gerald Neiderer, Raymond Noel, and Michael Walter.

See Cat. No. 2016-27 for related item.

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