Acquisition No.: 2020-26
Title: Book; "Wasted Valor"
Item History:

"Wasted Valor" by Gregory A. Coco, is a history of the Confederate dead at the Battle of Gettysburg. At the time of the battle any church, barn, home or building convenient might be used as a military hospital.

While interviewing elders of the town of Bonneauville over the past decades, and in search of written history during that period, much generation to generation information was related to this author. While the possibility that that information is correct may exist, very little of the oral history has been substantiated.

Per Mr. Coco's book (Map on page 75) the two Confederate hospitals closest to Bonneauville were located a bit over a mile north-west and south-west of the town. The two are listed as sites 42 and 54. Site 42 is listed as the Jacob Lott Farm; Stuart's Cavalry Division Hospital. Site 54 is listed as the Jonathan Young Farm; US Third Division, First Corps Hospital.

Regarding Bonneauville and the Civil War, precious little documented information exists. Some catalogued items such as Cat. No. 2002-41 (Re; George Felty) and Cat. No. 2010-02 (Re; Lizzy Gilbert") May be of interest. The exhausting journey by Gen. Sykes and his men, to and through Bonneauville is well documented in several books herein contained.

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