Acquisition No.: 2021-06
Title: Day Book; Transport Business, 1916 - 1917
Item History:

This account book is part of a series of Hanover, PA business record books that begin with Cat. No. 2021-06, and end with Cat No. 2021-15. A few volumes are missing from the Century old set. Of the approximately 2000 entries in the 200 pages of this book, only a few refer to the small town of Bonneauville.

Hanover Transfer Co., the freight transport business these ledgers represent, was located in Hanover, PA. Goods delivered by the trucking and storage company are approximately split half and half between businesses and household items. Delivery locations documented include New Oxford, Abbottstown, Gettysburg, Brushtown, McSherrystown and many others. Delivery fees ranged from fifty cents to several dollars.

Hanover Transfer Co. weathered many social changes. The takeover of motorized vehicles vs. horse and wagon transportation was nearly complete by 1916. The Nation was soon in the midst of a great pandemic. The Roaring Twenties romped by and soon the country was in the throes of the Great depression. WWII had begun and ended while Hanover Transport Co. was in business.

This book is identified simply as Ledger "Number 3, 1916 - 1917".

Hanover Creamery Co. which was one of the largest users of the transport during this period, is mentioned many places in this volume. The nature of milk and subsequent premature spoilage probably dictated the need for much transportation.

Page 51, 4th line from bottom "Hanover Creamery---trip to Bonneauville, $ 7.00.”

Page 174 shows the first of many entries for Austin Neiderer, longtime resident of Bonneauville, PA. One of Mr. Neiderer's first of many business ventures was the sales and rental of pianos.

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