Acquisition No.: 2021-10
Title: Day Book; Transport Business, 1926 - 1927
Item History:

This book is identified as Ledger Number 9. Page 41, line 9 includes the text; "...Bathroom fixture to Golden, Bonneauville." The delivery fee was $6.00. Absence of a first name or initials might indicate that this was likely this was one of the Golden brothers of Bonneauville, famed for producing Goldens Blue Ribbon Cugars and at least ten other brands.

The Goldens cigar business was the most successful business venture ever to have existed in Bonneauville, PA.

Page 42, line 2 notes: "Sept 14, 1927; Haul pipe to McSherrystown & Bonneauville. $5.00".

Page 129, line 9 notes: "OCT. 4, 1927; One load to near Bonneauville. $4.00".

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