Acquisition No.: 2004-26
Title: Relic Collection; Civil War, Victor Few, 2004
Item History:

In August of 2004, I (Karl Orndorff), had completed writing, and released the book "Bonneauville History and Lore." In December 2004, I received a phone call from Mr. Victor Few. He introduced himself and thanked me for writing the book. He had "borrowed a copy from a friend." Victor was an avid relic hunter with an almost fanatic enthusiasm for digging up anything old and of value. He mentioned that the chapter in my book relating to the Civil War allowed him to pinpoint some Civil War camp sites in and near Bonneauville and that he would like to give me a gift of some of the items he found as a thank you. There were strings attached. He asked for access to my maps and records so that he might further his searches. I immediately agreed.

In the glory days of relic hunting around Gettysburg, one could find remnants of war and old stone arrow heads simply by walking through plowed farm fields and looking. I shared his zeal and I now had more items to add to my collection of Bonneauville memorabilia. Copies of maps, records and a book were among the items bartered for this collection. The grouping here is presented as framed by Mr. Few. See books, Acq. No. 2008-10 and No. 2008-11 for Bonneauville Civil War history.

Collection pieces include: 59 Cal. Minnie balls, US buckle skin, piece of harmonica, key, knapsack button, Indian Head penny and buckle parts.

Early family records document that exhausted Civil War troops camped, or more accurately collapsed on the road and fields in the Bonneauville area. They were on their way to the Battle of Gettysburg, which had begun the day before.

Documented writings on the battle relating to the Bonneauville area include: "The new home had just been occupied a short while. When the battle took place, the new bake oven being in constant operation for several days consuming a considerable amount of flour, the fresh bread being relished by the soldiers much fatigued and hungry by the constant marching of the previous days."

"Soldiers on the march from the Kilpatrick skirmish at Hanover to Gettysburg camped all night in the homestead's meadows, stacking their arms like a stake fence through the meadows and lying thick enough to cover the ground."

"Hundreds came to the farmhouse, where some of the officers and soldiers slept, for something to eat, and they were given every bite in the house."

Location: Case V
Acq. Date: 2004
Acquired from: Victor Few
Price ($): bartered
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc