Acquisition No.: 2004-27
Title: Booklet; "Merchants, Tradesmen . . . Adams County, PA," 1929.
Item History:

"Merchants, Tradesman and Manufacturers Financial Condition for Adams County, Pennsylvania, 1929."

"Information obtained from the March, 1929, R. G. Dun, Mercantile Agency Reference Book. RD from Gettysburg, pop. 170."

This book references the following Bonneauville businesses:

Garage; Atland, E. J., gar 3.

Garage; Chrismer, C. W., Gar, H 3 ½.

Undertaker/Furniture Miller, J. Franklin, Und and Fur.

Blacksmith; Noel, Wm. A, Bsmith, 4.

Builder/plumber; Staub, J. F., Bldr and Plbr, K, 3.

General Store; Staub, Jacob J., G, S, G3.

Hotel; Strasbaugh, Chas., Hot, G, 3 ½.

General Store; Weaver, J. H., G, S, K, 3 ½.

Note; figures at the end of each line refer to "estimated pecuniary strength, and general credit."

Location: Case VI
Acq. Date: 2004
Acquired from: Aaron's Books, Salem, Ohio
Price ($): 8.00
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc