Acquisition No.: 1961-01
Title: Photograph; St. Joseph's School Class of 1966.
Item History:

Saint Joseph's School, Bonneauville, PA, Class of 1961.

1st row, l to r: Mary O'Connor, Judy Little, Mary Ann Zimmerman, Father Louis W. Forgeng, Linda Little, Darlene Shriner and Joyce McMaster.

2nd row, l to r: Madeline Chrismer, Margaret Smith, Susan Noel, Rita Keller, Ida Golden, Monica Noel, Susan Weishaar and Cecelia Chrismer.

3rd row, l to r: Richard Weaver Jr., Robert Weishaar, Donald Clabaugh, Raymond Staub, Herbert Lee, Sylvester Seymore Jr., Dale Felix and Jay Clabaugh.

4th row, l to r: James Hawbaker, William Noel, Robert Hockensmith, Edward Miller, Richard Shermeyer, Karl Orndorff, Harvey Lee and Timothy Chrismer.

Location: Wall
Acq. Date: 1961
Acquired from: St. Joseph's School
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc