Acquisition No.: 1963-01
Title: Carving; Folkart Dog, Mr. Augustus Shorb.
Item History:

In the 1950's Ambrose and Bertha Myers lived in the sandstone farmhouse at 3 Cedar Street in Bonneauville. The rearmost part of their house was a small log structure build in the mid-1700's. (See Chapter I; "Early History-When Bonneauville was Beautiful" in the book; "Bonneauville History and Lore"). Around 1955 Ambrose and Bertha built a new ranch house at what is now an empty building lot at 2 Cedar Street. From there they continued to run their dairy farm. Within a few years a tiny mobile home was placed in the Myers cow pasture about 200 feet north-east of the new Myers house. The trailer's vintage was late 1940's or early 1950's. It was probably only eight feet wide and the yellow paint was already fading in places. A small man with snow white hair occupied the place alone. He was a kindly old gentleman, slightly stooped for his age. We who played baseball in the same pasture and lived just s a few houses away from his trailer simply knew him as Mr. Shorb. To a youngster of ten full of life and energy, it seemed like the kind old fellow was stored away in a can, peacefully awaiting a trip to the afterlife; one that could only have been to Heaven. If he had a TV, he would only have been able to receive one channel (Channel 8, Lancaster, PA). Although we children were warned to leave the old man alone, I could not help but sneak over and hang around him. He was more at peace than anyone I had ever met. Mr. Shorb liked to while away the hours carving and painting small wooden animals. This boxy, black spotted white dog is one of his folk art carvings. He whittled it for his landlady Bertha Myers.

I (Karl Orndorff) later suspected he was a descendant of the Mr. Shorb who donated the land on which St. Joseph's Church in Bonneauville was built. Perhaps he was kin to Rev. Basil Shorb, the founder of St. Joseph's Church in Bonneauville?

Update: Augustus Alphonsus Shorb died in March 1968 at age 87. He was buried at St Vincent RCC, Conewago Twp, Adams Co, Pa. Augustus was married to Elizabeth Catherine Murren. The children of Augustus and Catherine Shorb were Ruth Elizabeth, Ethel Caroline, and Walter Augustus.

Notes for Elizabeth Catherine Murren: "Elizabeth was born February 5, 1883 in Mt Pleasant Twp, Adams Co, Pa, and died September 10, 1955 in Bonneauville, Pa. She married Augustus Alphonsus Shorb on October, 1905. Baptism sponsors were Harry Hemler & Laura Hemler. In 1920 census she lived w/ Augustus in Washington Twp, York Co, on Cedar Ridge Rd, between Berlin Rd & York-Shippensburg Rd (probably near E Berlin). In 1910 she and Augustus lived on Mt Rock Rd with James Shorb, age 60, widow, 2 houses from Pius P. Smith. Feb 1950 - A two-story frame dwelling house in Midway, the property of Augustus Shorb, has been sold to Jacob F. Hilbert of Berwick Township for $1,175. Mr. Shorb will engage in farming near Mt. Rock, in the spring." (Source: various internet sites).

Ambrose Myers' sister Rose was married to a Murren. That was the connection that allowed Mr. Augustus Shorb a tiny plot to live on in Ambrose and Bertha Myers' cow pasture.

Location: Case V
Acq. Date: 1963
Acquired from: Augustus Shorb to Bertha Myers to Louise Orndorff to Benita Lehto to Karl Orndorff.
Price ($): gifted
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc