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Title: Book; "The Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania" Somerset Publishers, 1983.
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This Pennsylvania volume is part of The Encyclopedia of the United States Series.

There are two peculiarities about the book: one being that the hardback is printed backwards. Like a Chinese or Arabic volume, page one starts at the back and the index is at the front - apparently a publisher's faux pas. The other regards the brief but erroneous description of Bonneauville. From where the information originated is anyone's guess. I have heard the speculated origin of the town's name in the past but there is no known, documented proof of its accuracy.

The writing follows in its entirety: "Bonneauville, Borough: Adams County; Pop. 920; Area Code 717; Elev. 560'; S Pennsylvania. Name is derived from the French, meaning: City with good water."

Note: In the language of the French, "eau" is water, and "bien" is good. Ironically, in the last quarter of the 20th Century, Bonneauville was listed by the state as having more difficulty finding enough potable water, than any other town with its borders. Ironic too, is that Bonneauville's "good water" once contained levels of uranium higher than those allowed by the state of Pennsylvania.

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