Acquisition No.: 2016-02
Title: Overview; Bonneauville Inn collection.
Item History:

In 1935 J. F. Staub opened an newly established inn at Bonneauville, PA. An Adams County fire convention booklet of that year noted on Page 42 - "Announcing the Opening of Staub's New Beer Garden and Dance Hall on labor Day Monday, September 2, at Bonneauville. Beer on Draught and Bottled, Courtesy to all, J. F. Staub, Proprietor." The structure was located on his farm on the outskirts of town, along the Two Taverns Road (now 17 Locust Street). A bar, kitchen and dining area were housed on the first floor of the two story building. Rooms for daily rent were situated upstairs. Raymond "Dolly" Staub later took over the business.

Roger "Danny" Weaver Jr. purchased the building from Mr. Staub upon the latter's retirement. John Kuhn, Michael Smith and lastly Jerrold R. "Jerry" Esaley, were later owners of the establishment.

Jerry Esaley re-opened the building on September 9, 2004. He would be the final proprietor. Mr. Esaley was granted a Special Exception to the Bonneauville Borough Zoning Ordinance on December 24, 2015. The daily rental rooms on the upper-floor of the building had long since been converted into two apartments. The first floor bar and dining room would now be converted to two additional apartments. The long run of the Bonneauville Inn had ended before 2016 began. Fifty-nine years is an exceptionally long time for any business to have existed in the borough of Bonneauville.

Ref. Bonneauville History and Lore, Book II, Tavern/Bar/Inn.

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Acq. Date: 1/17/16
Acquired from: Jerrold Esaley
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Type: Collection
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