Acquisition No.: 2017-03
Title: Business Envelope; E. L. Golden, Cigar Manufacturer.
Item History:

Revealed here is a business envelope from E. L. Golden, cigar manufacturer, Gettysburg Pa. E. L. Golden's cigar factory was located in Bonneauville, PA, a rural delivery town of Gettysburg, PA Post Office. Blue and white were the favored colors for advertising of the Blue Ribbon brand of cigars. Blue and light brown were the only colors needed for the printer to produce the attractive text and logo. Text on the box includes: "5c, Golden's Blue Ribbon, It's Mild." Readable on each tiny cigar band are the words "Blue Ribbon."

On this folded and tattered envelope is written: Will of Isabele Hemler, Mar - 27/1928. The written date is not an indication of the age of Golden's envelope.

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