Acquisition No.: 2017-04
Title: Matchbook Cover; E. L. Golden Cigars.
Item History:

Matchbooks have been produced since the 1890's. An incredible and imaginitive variety of advertising and decorative cover designs can be found. Matchcover clubs and societies have existed for a century. (A phillumenists is a match cover collector.) The use of matchbooks declined beginning in the mid 20th Century due to rising cigarette lighter technology.

Where better to advertise cigar products than on the cover of the matches needed to light them.

The cover art and text on this matchcover verifies that "Bokay-Grande" was in fact, a Bonneauville cigar manufacturers brand. Bonneauville was Rural Delivery from the Gettysburg Post Office. Thus the Gettysburg, PA text. E. L. Golden was a Bonneauville cigar manufacturer (As noted in the book "Tobacco Trade Directory - Ready Reference." (See Cat. No. 2017-02)

Cover text and design: On both sides of the cover is a large bouquet of ribbon bound flowers (tobacco blossoms ?) on a blue background. Text on cover: "BOKAY-GRANDE Superior Quality CIGAR, 5 Cents" and "Close cover before striking match." Text on saddle: "Manufactured by E. L. Golden, Gettysburg, PA." Text at striker patch: "Made in U.S.A., The Dianond Match Co., N. Y. C."

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