Acquisition No.: 2018-14-9
Title: Storage Box; Simon/Anna Kuhn Family Miscellany
Item History:

This box contains miscellaneous ephemera and small items of seeming unimportance that did not fit into Cat. No. 2018-14-1 through 2018-14-8. Regardless of the seemingness, each item was deemed worthy by its past owners, of preserving. Cancelled checks, tax receipts and pieces from 1900 to 1902 constitute most of the papers. Small religious items are included, as are beauty aid items from Anna Kuhn's schooling and early years as a beautician. Anna Kuhn's career was operating a beauty parlor on South Stratton St. in Gettysburg (the last home of her parents Simon and Ruth Kuhn).

11" x 16" x 5 1/2" plastic box with aqua colored lid.

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