Acquisition No.: 2018-15
Title: Ink Blotter; John H. Weaver Groceries and Feeds.
Item History:

Advertising and text: John H. Weaver, Jr., Groceries and Feeds, Bonneauville, Pa. and Morton’s Salt, “harmonizing”, When it rains it pours, Plain or iodized, Printed in USA.

Ink blotters like this example featuring Morton’s Salt vegetable People, can be found in abundance online. They have been found dated from the 1920’s through the 1940”s, with a wide range of advertisers.

Ink blotters were used with fountain pens to absorb any excess ink. While being used, the writer’s focus would have been directly on the dual advertisers on the face of the blotter.

Leakless ballpoint pens were introduced for sale around 1945 and were widely used by the 1950's thus the need for advertising ink blotters disappeared.

At the time of this blotter's production John Weavers store was located at 1 East Hanover Street in Bonneauville.

Ref. Cat. No. 2002-01-24 for a similar ink blotter advertisement.

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