Acquisition No.: 2019-21
Title: Photograph; "Bonneauville Bridge"
Item History:

The Bonneauville Bridge was a old style covered bridge that once spanned Rock Creek on the Bonaghtown Road (Rt. 116), just east of Gettysburg. This photo was sent to the Bonneauville Museum by Bill Little who noticed a 2017 newspaper article regarding the museum. Many years ago Mr. Little received the photograph from one Susan McDannel. He described the bridge over the telephone, but did not know anything about the dog in the foreground.

According to Mr. Little it was one Mr. Clyde Mumper who wrote "Bonneauville Bridge" on the photo. The year was "1927".

A Gettysburg Times newspaper article noted the following incident in 1915: "A horse attached to one of the delivery wagons of the Gettysburg Department store, ran away yesterday and caused considerable excitement during his trip downtown, along Baltimore, York and Hanover streets, to the Bonneauville Bridge, where he was caught." The article coincides with the date on the photo and confirms the name of the bridge in the early 20th Century.

Note: See the following Cat. No's. for more information on this bridge: 2002-03.

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