Acquisition No.: 2019-22
Title: Sign; "Etched in Stone Farm".
Item History:

Chapter 8, of the book; "Bonneauville History and Lore", is titled "Geology". The writing discusses the varied and curious igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock strata that underlie and surround Bonneauville. A relatively thin layer of sandstone can be found amongst the common red shale of the immediate area. The location of the sandstone is most easily defined by local architecture of the 19th Century. Sandstone was attractive and relatively easy to cut and shape, yet not subject to erosion. It was a favorite material for wooden house, barn and building foundations. Its soft brown and warm tan tones made it attractive for entire houses and for barn end walls. Map 1999 in the book "Bonneauville History and Lore" locates granite, limestone and sandstone structures of the Bonneauville area in an era when it was necessary to live off the land.

Hickory Drive, from the Bonneauville Catholic War Veterans property, to a point about two miles south, has at least four farms with old two-story farmhouses built from local sandstone. The contents of one such home, located at 1050 Hickory Road, were sold at public sale on 10/19/19. The owners of the home prior to the auction (which had been whittled down to ten acres by that date) chose to name their farm; "The Etched in Stone Farm". This cataloged item is a wooden sign that was painted to display that name.

The sign was fabricated by: "Wood n Nail, 5010 Baltimore Pike, Littlestown, PA, perhaps two decades ago. Dimensions are 15" wide by 30" tall. A black frame surrounds a barn red background. Text is shadowed black.

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