Acquisition No.: 2020-09
Title: Book; "The History and Topography of Dauphin, Cumberland, Perry, Bedford, Adams, & Franklin Counties, PA."
Item History:

Within the 733 pages of this book, I. D. Rupp describes the towns in each of the counties listed in the title. Five lines on page 536 describe old Bonneauville as follows; "Bonaghton or Bonnigstown, is a small village in Mount Pleasant Twp., on the road leading from Gettysburg to Petersburg (now Littlestown), about five miles from each. Here three main roads branch off, viz: to Gettysburg, to Hunterstown, to New Oxford. The soil of the country around is red shale - with careful cultivation is rendered productive."

This is a reprint of the original printed in 1846. Published by Gilbert Hills, Proprietor & Publisher, Lancaster, PA.

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