Acquisition No.: 2020-10
Title: Book; "Abstracts From the Republican Compiler, Adams County, PA, 1831 - 1851." Vol. II
Item History:

On the 485 pages of this book authored by Robert Stover in 1976, the author has printed many thousands of notices that were once printed in "The Compiler" Gettysburg newspaper from 1831 through 1851. The time spans from the age of the Mountain Man to near the peak of the mass migration of wagon trains west. Bonneauville, Mt. Pleasant, and Adans County news of the time abounds.

At two or three lines of text on average, marriages and deaths dominate the book. Notices and appointments, murder, meloncholy accidents, cautions and "found dead" notices are among subjects that balance the contents.

Of interest are all manner of goings-on in the first half of the 19th Century. Examples follow:

"Caution:All persons are hereby cautioned not to harbor or trust my wife, Hannah Andre, on my account,as from her improper conduct with other men, I am determined not to pay any debts of her contracting after this date, October 27, 1835."

"Died October 1, 1833. The lifeless body of Joseph Smith, "The Glass-Eater" was found in the barn of Mr. Eply was found in Cumberland Township, this county."

Of the over 6000 entries, none includes the name Bonaghtown. (nor White Hall, Brushtown, or Mount Rock). The names of the residents of those small towns were listed as "of Mt. Pleasant Township", or "of this county" (Adams).

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