Acquisition No.: 2000-07
Title: Post Card; St. Joseph's Church, Bonneauville, PA
Item History:

This postcard was printed for the rededication of St. Joseph's Church in Bonneauville in 1908. The card is addressed to I. V. Noel, a prominent businessman of Bonneauville in the early years of the 20th Century. Mr. Noel moved to Flatbush near Littlestown but continued to support St. Joseph's Church in Bonneauville. Around 1909 the old wood church was enveloped in brick. Bell towers and stained glass windows were added. The completion of the project was synchronized with the 50th Anniversary of the church. The old rectory to the right was torn down in 2013. A convent was constructed to the left of the church in 1958. It now serves as the parish rectory.

The barn in the far background at left served as housing for a horse and horse-drawn hearse which delivered passengers on their final ride to St. Joseph's Cemetery. The building was constructed and the mortuary operated by Civil War veteran, Captain Jacob Miller. It was torn down by Sylvester Seymore in 1971 to make room for a modern garage.

Reverse: Gettysburg postmark. Request for money, provisions, etc. Signed; J. M. Nichols, pastor (of St. Joseph's Church in Bonneauville).

Ref. 1998-01 for similar postcard.

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Location: Case XV
Acq. Date: 2000
Acquired from: Cashtown, PA postcard dealer.
Price ($): 12.00
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc