Acquisition No.: 2001-11

Petition; (copy) To Keep a Licensed Tavern in Bonneauville, 1893.

Item History:

In the Adams County of 1893, one needed to have a signed petition yearly,to obtain or renew a tavern license. This petition for C. V. Graves Tavern in Bonneauville is worded and signed as follows. (Not all signatures are readable.)

"We the undersigned citizens of Bonneauville and vicinity would recommend C. V. Graves, the bearer to honorable judges of The Court of Common Pleas of Adams County, Penna for a favorable consideration for a permit to keep the public house of accommodations a licensed tavern in Bonneauville, Adams County, Penna from our knowledge of his conducting such a Public House during the last two years."

John Patterson, Dr. J. G. Watson, Peter Berger, Ambrose Kuhn, Ignatius McMaster. A. Wagaman, John Miller, A. Little, _. Orendorff, I. A. Noel, _. J. Hawn, J. J. Staub, J. E. Miller, J. _. Miller, John Forrey, Samuel Althoff, _. Baker, Calvin Snyder, Henry Krumerine, _. Bream, Frank Shely, L. P. Geesey, Jerome Golden, John Geesey, Rev. M. J. McBride, Dr. A. Noel, Edward A. Feeser, George Wolford, H. Smith, John Geesey, L. P. Geesey, Wm. A. Noel, _. Schmidt, Henry, Forey, Christian Gebhart, Chas. Strasbaugh, D. Wentz, _. Strasbaugh. et al.

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Location: Case III
Acq. Date: 2001
Acquired from: Adams County Historical Society
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Type: accession
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