Acquisition No.: 2002-01-26
Title: Recipe; John Gype
Item History:

This 2 1/2" x 4" recipe card appears similar to Acq. No. 2002-01-19. "For indisposition put elderberries and ??? WENICHEL in wiskey. Use daily. John Gype."

(Authors note: Indisposition = Unwillingness or disinclination = Don't feel like it.)

Translation note: "I have looked at your photos very carefully and tried to decipher the writing but unfortunately I can't be of much help. The two highlighted words on the recipe are German and the first word on the second line means SWEET but I don't know what the word WENICHEL means, it could be the name of a plant/herb. It also looks like it was written by a different person because the penmanship looks different. Something interesting about the word "sweet": it is written in the old German way; normally the word suess (sweet) would be written the way I just did, except the e would be replaced with two dots over the u. As you can see the first s looks different and especially the last two ss."

Above translation by Christel Lakata.

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Location: Collection Book II
Acq. Date: 2002
Type: collection
Curator: ckrc