Acquisition No.: 2002-24
Title: Soldiers Memorial: "Bonneauville Boys," Company G, 165th Reg.
Item History:

Soldiers' Memorial, Charles " Junie" Staub, Jr., 12 Maple Street, Bonneauville, PA.

This lithograph by A. Hoen and Co. Baltimore, MD depicts several scenes of the Civil War. In the area below the scenes, under the heading "Capital Memorial, 165th Regiment, Company G of the PA volunteers" and "United we stand, divided we fall" is a list of every man that belonged to the outfit. Many of the group consisted of Civil War troops from Bonneauville and surrounding Mt. Pleasant Twp. Included are the ancestors of Charles Staub, Jr.

Captain J.E. Miller, who was an undertaker, carpenter, furniture maker and farmer in Bonneauville after the war, led the group. Ironically, Captain Miller, (as he was called for his entire life after his military service) built the very house in which Charles Jr. (now deceased) lived.

Captain Miller's lieutenants were: W. Hoffman, 1st and Wm. C. Beck, 2nd.

Sergeants were: John E. Tawney, Samuel Lilly, Jacob Creager, Benjamin. F. Hagarman and John J. Staub.

Corporals were: Anthony W. Klunk, Jacob Lott, Jeremiah C. Collins, Samuel Little, John Sneeringer, Alfred G. Peters, Jeremiah Oaster and George A. Ginter.

Musicians of Co. G. included: Rudolph Brown, John J. Clapsaddle and James. A. Chronister.

The majority of the group was comprised of the following privates: Albert Singleton, John A. Arentz, Edward Arentz, Charles R. Bushey, Andrew Bell, Frank S. Beamer, Christian Bender, Joseph Bederman, Louis Brady, Joseph D. Craber, James C. Duttera, John S. Eckenrode, Benjamin F. Fleigle, Jacob J. Furney, George Golden, Calvin Harner, William Hair, Samuel Hildt, Joseph T. Hemler, John F. Kuhn, William. F. Kuhn, Benedict Kleauser, Adam Karl, George W. Keefer, Robert S. Lott, Alexander W. Little, Peter L. Lawrence, Peter L. Little, James A. Little, Jacob Lawrence, Wesley E. Linn, Amos Leister, Jerome M. Lawrence, William Miller, Andrew J. Mclain, Michael Miller, Lewis McMaster, George Migm, Jesse Nary, Mathias Noel, William L. Ohlinger, Joseph K. Orendorff, Charles K. Orendorff, Francis J. Rosensteel, Henry Showalter, David B. Smith, James H. Shilt, Frederick Snyder, Charles C. Smith, George Small, Henry Snyder, William H. Sentz, Joseph R. Snyder, Cornelius Trostle, James Topper, Peter Wise, John Wagner, James H. Welsh, Sabastian Weaver, John A. Yohe, William I. Young and John M. Zeern.

Field and Staff Officers for the Group were: Colonial Charles C. Buchler, Lt. Col. Edward G. Fahnestock, Maj. Nash G. Camp, Adjutant J. Harvey White, Surgeon F.W. Heckle, Asst. Surgeons S. F. Nealy and R. A. Wilson. Quarter Master E.T. Rinehart. The non-commission staff consisted of: Sergeant Major Emanual Myers, Q. M. Sergeant Lean. Cunningham, Com. Sgt. Ephram Shank and hospital stewart William H. Bates.

The 165th Regiment formed late in the war. Their engagements included the following:

January 30, 1863 - Deserted house near Suffolk, VA

April 13-14, 1863 - Skirmishes on Jamestown Road near Suffolk, VA

April 24,1863 - White House near Suffolk, VA

May 14, 1863 - Beaver Dam near Franklin, VA

May 16, 1863 - Carsville, VA

The final pieces of information on the lithograph include: Motto "A star for every state, a state for every star, one and inseparable." Mustered into the U.S. service at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, October 16, 1862, by Issac D. Sailor, USA and "I hereby certify that this is a correct role of my company now in camp." Signed J.E. Miller, Captain. Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1863 by Whitney and Anderson in Dist. C. of Maryland.

Note: Civil War Veterans buried at St. Joseph in Bonneauville are:

Andrew Chambers

Thaddeus O. Collins

John Dermody

John S. Eckenrode

Joseph A. Eckenrode

Emanuel Ginter

Jerome J. Golden

Ezra Hawn

Joseph J. Hemler

Jacob Hemler

Peter Hopple

Jacob E. Miller

Dr. Agideous Noel

Jerome A. Noel

William L. Olinger

Charles K. Orendorff

John S. Sneeringer

George A. Sourbier

James E. Sourbier

John Staub

Peter Wagaman

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Location: Wall
Acq. Date: 2002
Acquired from: Charles L. "Junie" Staub Jr.
Price ($): Wall
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc