Acquisition No.: 1976-01
Title: Hand Fan; St. Joseph's Church. Advertising.
Item History:

Over time, as technology and money allowed, creature comforts were added to St. Joseph's Church in Bonneauville. Over time there were transitions from gas to electric lights, better heating systems, and a new organ. Storm windows were added. In the early 1960's padding was added to the hard wood kneelers. It was used padding from another church but it was a tremendous improvement over kneeling on a hard oak board.

Before the 1970's, three-section cardboard hand fans were typically found, four to a pew, on the rigid old wooden seats of St. Joseph's Church. The number of fans flickering away during the reverend's sermons must have been some indicator as to the sweltering discomfort of the churchgoers. Then came air-conditioning. Greatly reduced were the number of paritioners who passed-out during mass on hot summer Sundays.

The collapsable hand fans were gratis to the church in exchange for the advertisements printed on them. 1976-01A was complements of Leinhardt Bros. Home Furnishings of Hanover, PA. They were the same advertiser who dominated the mandatory St. Joseph's School book covers for decades in the 1950's and 60's. (Ref. Acq. No. 1964-01). 1976-01B was compliments of E. E. Hamm Furniture Store, Hanover, PA.

Location: Case II
Acq. Date: 1976
Acquired from: Rev. Paul Rindos
Price ($): gifted
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc